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Chronic Care and Education

Mint Hill Pharmacy has expanded next door, where we are excited to now offer our Chronic Care and Education Clinic (CCEC). This unique clinic provides patients with the help needed to better navigate and manage their healthcare needs. We assist with a variety of chronic conditions, whether newly diagnosed or present for some time. In our clinic we have a classroom area, consultation room, and expanded product selections. We provide assessments for each condition and ensure our patients understand their diagnosis, treatments, medications, and recommendations. Our goal is to help you improve your overall health and quality of life through our clinical, advanced pharmacy, and prescribing services.

The Clinic Offers the Following:

Additionally, through these services we collaborate with doctors & providers, providing them condition reports and recommendations so each patient gets consistent and comprehensive care.

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  • Diabetic Specialized Care
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  • Medication Adherence
  • Compounding
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  • DME
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Clinical Services

Accredited Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) Classes

  • Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES) Accredited Program
  • The program curriculum includes an initial visit, five healthy coping classes, exercise & diet plans as well as self-monitoring & medication management practices.
  • Covered by traditional Medicare

Goal: Patients that complete the program have lowered their A1C, weight, and blood pressure readings

Heart Failure Clinic

  • Medication Reviews focused on adherence & affordability.
  • Helping reconcile your medication regimen when you have several providers or a transition of care.
  • Medication regimen review to assess you are taking the correct medications and dosages based on your Heart Failure Stage.
  • Evaluation of your symptoms through standardized questionnaires, edema staging, shortness of breath assessments, monitoring diet & weight changes
  • Review Disparities in the care of your heart failure.

Goal: Help you better manage your heart failure, decrease the number of heart failure exacerbations, and minimize hospital visits.

COPD Clinic

  • Monitor how well you are breathing through spirometry monitoring.
  • Medication reviews focused on adherence, inhaler technique, affordability, and verifying the best medication has been selected for your stage of COPD.
  • Evaluation of your symptoms through standardized questionnaires.
  • Assess your exercise, diet, and environmental exposure levels and risk.
  • Review immunization history to verify it is up-to-date.

Goal: Help you better manaage your COPD, decrease the number of COPD exacerbations, and minimize.

Memory Loss Screening (Brain Health)

Feel like your brain is in a fog? Forgetting things you used to remember?

Have a new condition or medication that maybe affecting your brain?

  • Schedule an appointment to use the Cognivue Thrive screening tool. Thrive is a 5-minute, self-administered screening technology that gives instant results.
  • You will review the test with our pharmacist, who will discuss any brain health concerns or recommendations based on your results.
  • The pharmacist will also go over potential conditions that can affect your memory along with medications that might be affecting you.
  • If beneficial, we will review how lifestyle changes, supplements, and ways to improve certain health conditions can help you with memory loss.
  • Results of the screening and recommendations will be shared with your provider as well.

Goal: Identify if you have any memory loss so that you can take the needed steps to get the help you need to slow down cognitive decline.

Advanced Pharmacy Services

Polypharmacy Counseling (Medication Therapy Management (MTM))

  • Comprehensive review of all your prescription medications, supplements, and over the counter drugs.
  • Review all recent lab results, at home monitoring devices (e.g., blood pressure machines, blood glucose monitor), and past medical history.
  • Obtain a list of all your providers and the medications/conditions they are helping manage.
  • Discuss each medication and assess the appropriateness of the regimen.
  • If warranted, our pharmacist will review any additional medications that maybe needed or medications that could be stopped by your provider.

Medication Adherence & Packaging

  • Comprehensive review of all your prescription medications, supplements, over the counter drugs, and the time of the day you are taking each medication.
  • Perform a pill count of each medicine to help us synchronize your medication.
  • Explain how our adherence packaging works (similar in concept to a pill box).
  • Obtain a list of all your providers and medications/conditions they are helping manage for you.
  • Help transfer or get new prescriptions from your providers so all your medications will be at one pharmacy.
  • Establish a sync date so you can schedule to pick up your medications at the same time each month.

Nutrient Deficiency (Drug Depletion) / Supplement Consultations

  • The patient will provide two lists in advance of the appointment:
    • Prescription medications, supplements, and over the counter drugs.
    • Providers information and medications/conditions they are helping manage for you.
  • Prior to your appointment, a pharmacist will review each medication to identify any that can cause nutrient deficiencies/depletions (e.g., Metformin can lower Vitamin B12 levels).
  • The pharmacist will also review the validity of your supplements and evidence for each supplement’s ability to improve the desired condition.
  • On the appointment day, the pharmacist will review each medication and supplement and how they can affect your nutrient levels and overall health.
  • If beneficial, we will recommend stopping, changing, or starting supplements that you might need.

Prescribing Services

Birth Control/Hormonal Contraception

  • At the appointment your height, weight, and blood pressure will be taken.
  • You will be asked to complete a standardized questionnaire to determine eligibility.
  • One of our trained pharmacists will review your information and determine your eligibility for various appropriate contraceptives.
    • Some patients may not be eligible for a pharmacist to prescribe certain types of contraception or any contraception for you (e.g., History of migraines with aura, current smoker, high blood pressure (>140/90), history of heart attack or strokes, or certain mediations known to have interactions with birth control.)
  • If all clinical criteria are met, our pharmacist will review various contraceptive options with you.
  • Once the option is chosen, our pharmacist will prescribe a prescription for you that is good for one year with refills.
  • You will need to schedule an appointment each year for additional contraceptive refills.

Prenatal Vitamins

  • A prescription for oral prenatal vitamin formulation containing at least 400mcg folic acid can be prescribed by our pharmacists for any individual of reproductive age who is capable of becoming pregnant, considering pregnancy, attempting to become pregnant, or pregnant.
  • Prescriptions may be renewed for as long as you need.
  • If a prescription is issued, we will notify your primary care provider and Ob/Gyn provider.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy for Smoking Cessation

  • Review your readiness to stop using products with nicotine.
  • Obtain a history of your past nicotine use and other medical history.
  • Discuss ways you have tried to quit using nicotine products in the past.
  • Based on the information provided, our pharmacist will prescribe one of several different Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) options for you to try, including dual therapy which has been proven more successful than monotherapy.
  • If NRT is not appropriate or desired, pharmacist can make recommendation to your provider for other treatment options (e.g., Chantix® (varenicline), Zyban® (bupropion))
  • The pharmacist will follow-up with you multiple times to see how things are going throughout the process and help you achieve your goals.

Naloxone Injectable or Nasal Kits

  • Pharmacists can dispense naloxone (an opioid antagonist) for the treatment of opioid overdose to persons directly or persons with family or friends who voluntarily request an opioid antagonist and are at risk of experiencing an opiate-related overdose.
  • A pharmacist will review injectable (intramuscular) and nasal kit options to see which one is preferred.
  • One kit will be dispensed with as needed refills. (Self-pay and insurance prices and coverage may vary. You may bill the insurance of the person purchasing naloxone, even if they may not be the end-user.)
  • The pharmacist will go over how to use the naloxone product, what to expect if used, and any contraindications or precautions.

Glucagon Injection or Nasal Kits

  • Pharmacists can issue glucagon injection or nasal kits for patients that are at risk of low blood sugars (hypoglycemia), voluntarily request glucagon, or and are in a position to help someone with hypoglycemia.
  • A pharmacist will review injectable (intramuscular) and nasal kit options to see which one is preferred.
  • Two kits may be dispensed with as needed refills.
  • A pharmacist will go over how to use the glucagon product, what to expect if used, and any contraindications or precautions.
  • We will notify your primary care provider which glucagon product was dispensed to you.