Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications for patients.  Compounded medications are made according to your physicians prescription.  The pharmacist combines individual ingredients together in the exact strength and dose required for


Our pharmacists are specially educated to provide vaccinations and have received a national certification to provide immunizations.  Stop by and let Mint Hill Pharmacy protect you from these infections. Influenza (flu) - Flu vaccination can reduce flu

Medication Synchronization Program

Our medication synchronization program allows you to make fewer trips to the pharmacy by filling all your prescriptions on the same day each month. How Does It Work? Each month, before your prescriptions are due, our

Kids Antibiotic Club

We are committed to partnering with you to encourage kids to take their antibiotics and complete the dose recommended by their physician. Each time that a child returns their empty antibiotic prescription bottle, they get to

Specialty Packaging

Keeping track of your daily medications has never been easier! Let Mint Hill Pharmacy package all of your prescriptions in an easy to use, easy to open, convenient package.  You can take medications for a month,

Natural Products

Mint Hill Pharmacy is committed to offering a wide selection of natural products that we love and believe in. Listed below are the exceptional natural, homeopathic products and nutritional supplements we offer. Natural Supplements - We

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